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How to Make the Best Graphs in Stata

predictive margins

Looking for how to make the best graphs in Stata? Data visualizations and predictive margins plots? How to use coefplot in Stata? This is among my new favorite things. Let’s do this.

What is Community Psychology? An Interactive Video Explainer

What is Community Psychology

The ten core values of Community Psychology explained by cartoons, in a choose-your-own-adventure sort of interactive video explainer. FUN FACT: This video won (in a tie!) the American Psychological Association Division 27 SCRA Society for Community Research and Action 2020 Video Contest!


Cartoon me? I can cartoon YOU!

So that’s me as a cartoon on a cartoon vacation, which has become my new favorite portraiture style. Although it can be a fun look, I have also done cartoon portraits for numerous professionals to use as their industry headshot, especially useful settings such as education and medicine when clients/patients include children.

Erika Sanborne Cartoon Portrait

“Uh… Am I in the right place?”

Yeah. You are probably in the right place.

There are many seemingly unrelated pages on this website; that’s true. If you have a direct link, follow that! Erika Sanborne Media is a graphics and consulting firm. You might be here because you’re a student in one of my classes, or maybe you are looking at one of my previous graphics projects. Maybe you need a headshot, or a video explainer, a website consultation, or a new logo. Maybe you like my Stata tutorials. Maybe someone has died and you want to make them a celebration of life video. Yes, it’s all me and you are in the right place.

Erika Sanborne headshot
Meet Erika Sanborne

Support Black Women!

Secrets 2 Truths Marea Perry Video

We were SO excited to interview Marea Perry, Founding Director of Secrets2Truths, an incredible new organization in the Twin Cities. If you would like to join us in supporting healing and wholeness for Black women and girls, please donate to Secrets2Truths. For more information, visit secrets2truths.org​. Note: As a media portfolio exemplar, this promotional video was shot entirely over Zoom due to the pandemic.