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There are many seemingly unrelated pages on this website. If you have a direct link, follow that link! Erika Sanborne Media is a web agency, and a digital media firm producing digital graphics, videography, and animation.

Maybe you need a headshot, or a video explainer, a website consultation, or some new graphics. Maybe you like my Stata tutorials. Yes, it’s all me and you are in the right place.

About Erika Sanborne
Cartoon headshot of a light skin woman with short salt and pepper hair looking super serious and techie, and also pretty satisfied with this cartoon self portrait graphic.


How to Make the Best Graphs in Stata

how to marginsplot coefplot graphs
Some fancy-looking predictive marginsplot coefplot graphs in Stata.

Looking for how to make the best graphs in Stata? Data visualizations and predictive marginsplot graphs? How to use coefplot in Stata? These are a few of my favorite things! 🙂

What is Community Psychology? An Interactive Video Explainer

What is Community Psychology?
What is Community Psychology? Watch the interactive cartoon explainer.

The ten core values of Community Psychology are explained by cartoons, in a choose-your-own-adventure sort of interactive video explainer.

FUN FACT: This video won (in a tie) the American Psychological Association Division 27 Society for Community Research and Action Video Contest!