I lost my wedding ring. I’ve come up with a design for a new one. I can’t find anyone to make it.
Can you help?

Check out my design

Download a vectorized image file here.


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Can you help? Do you know someone who does custom ring work?

If you were at our wedding on December 17, 2010, then you know the inspiration behind this design.

What it represents, ultimately, is the love we share, how we fit together, a nod to the retro gaming motif, and that, still today, we sure do make a great team.

I have spoken to the #1 manufacturer of silicone rings in the U.S., the brand you all probably know. I was ready to buy and resell this design with a minimum PO of 30 pieces. But, it cannot happen. They say they love my graphic but that this would have to be hand painted, and it could “only be done in one color” good” due to limitations in their production method.

Okay. So who knows a different method, or how this can get done? Some other material? Will it look okay in a monochrome engraving? Please leave a comment below or message me. Share with anyone in your circles who might be able to make this happen. Replacement wedding ring needed ASAP! Thank you!

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