Erika Sanborne Media LLC is a small graphics and media firm that has been operating since 2010. The firm offers a wide range of services including portraiture for people who typically dislike being photographed but need professional images, diverse digital graphics restoration, and the development of accessible explainers and instructional technology suitable for corporate settings and classrooms. Erika also excels in creating data visualizations and animations that make complex information more accessible.

Erika wears a lot of hats. Thus many pages on this site seem unrelated to the others. That’s true!

You might know Erika as a professor, a chaplain, a researcher, or a data nerd; she may be to you a teaching consultant, a photographer or graphics geek.

Most likely, someone told you to talk to Erika Sanborne about an idea you have for creating something beautiful, something that presently exists only in your mind. We can do that chat.

Erika Sanborne
Portrait of a GenX techie-looking person (Erika) with short, salt and pepper hair, wearing blue glasses and a slight smile.

Supporting Small Business

Erika Sanborne Media LLC is certified as a disabled veteran-owned small business, if that matters to you or to your employer, and is a licensed vendor for several state universities. All new business comes by referral, so presumably you know of our work via our mutual connections.

Be in touch if you’d like to discuss a project. Please note that as a disabled professional, Erika is necessarily selective about what projects she personally takes on. But we can usually connect you with someone who can meet your needs if that’s not us or someone we regularly work with.

On a more personal note

I live in in the Twin Cities Metro, Minnesota, U.S., with my wife, the amazing Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe – superstar author, speaker, pastor, artist, spiritual director and professor, who, along with Morgan the Dog, comprises my family.

Rachael helps me to be the best me. Morgan the Dog reminds us both to “treasure every somewhere” as he excitedly celebrates every. single. time that the vehicle we’re all in slows down. Thanks for reading.