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Erika Sanborne Media is a small media firm specializing in corporate digital productions, video explainers and tutorials, website upgrades and digital portraiture. We’ve been producing digital media since 2016, and officially formed in 2020. You might have a contract with Professor City LLC, d/b/a Erika Sanborne Media. That’s also us.

We do have a small studio in West Saint Paul, MN equipped for portraiture, green screen videography and soe soundbooth audio production, but that is mostly not public. All of our digital work continues, and we can accommodate most needs outside of our little studio anyway. When larger projects require a team, Erika manages all work and only contracts with qualified graphics and media providers to fill in gaps.

Erika the person wears a lot of hats. Many pages on this site seem unrelated to the others; that’s true. You could be here to create a memorial video, get a new website quote, or because you want to make the best graphs in Stata. You could be a current or former student. You might know Erika as a professor, a chaplain, or a tech guru, as a data nerd, or as a photographer, website geek or graphics nerd. Maybe someone told you to get Erika to create something else you have in mind! Yes, it’s all Erika and the people she works with.

She is also now a population health researcher and PhD candidate and so you might even know her as that. This website is still for graphics and media work – everything here has something to do with creating something beautiful. I mean, check out the cool mockup graphics on this phd update post.

Supporting Small Business…

I am certified as a disabled veteran-owned small business if that matters to you or your employer. I do not advertise because all new business comes to me by referral, so presumably you have already seen my work through our mutual connections. Be in touch if you’d like to discuss a project. I am very selective about what projects I personally contract to complete, but I will give you my best advice on where to look to bring your project to life if I don’t think we’re a good fit. Always glad to chat.

Erika Sanborne
Erika Sanborne

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On a more personal note

I live in West Saint Paul, MN with my wife, the amazing Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe – superstar author, speaker, pastor and teacher, who, along with our dog (Morgan) and cat (Soapy) comprise my family. Our marriage makes me the best me, and I am beyond grateful for my life.