Happy Anniversary, Rachael!

On December 17, 2010, we made some sacred promises amidst the people who love us, and every year on our anniversary I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for the life we share. I made this website so you will have a place to get back to the sappy songs I’ve sung to you over the years, and so you won’t lose them again when you get a new phone, etc. Ah, sweetie, I love you so much it is ridiculous.

Pretty sure I made this video using every pic that I had of the two of us at the time. And the crackling fire, along with the lyrics, were together to underscore that home we give each other – warmth, comfort, peace… Thank you for letting me love you too.

MP3 “You Are My Home” (2015)

You can download this mp3 using the 3-dot menu. 🙂
And this was every pic of the two of us solely during 2016 – which was apparently a busy year for us, eh? You are my superstar though. While I was writing the lyrics, I was hoping to convey how proud I am of you.

MP3 “My Superstar” (2016)

You can download this mp3 using the 3-dot menu. 🙂
I was sick while recording this (as listening to it reminds me) but the lyrics also remind me that this was a bit of a tough year, and all I wanted to do was to give you everything and fix everything…

MP3 “What Can I Really Give You” (2017)

You can download this mp3 using the 3-dot menu. 🙂
I wish we had a photographer that didn’t sabotage our wedding pics, so that we’d have a few pics… alas, we were set up. But! Our vows were legit, and important, and I enjoyed recalling them here in this song.

MP3 “Wedding Vows” (2018)

You can download this mp3 using the 3-dot menu. 🙂

MP3 “O Holy Night” (2020)

You can download this mp3 using the 3-dot menu. 🙂
Look, I don’t even know how I found time in 2020, but 2021 did not give me the proper space for my anniversary video. So? I got someone to help.

Cartoon Family Christmas Portraits for 2021

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  1. Rachael, I’m thinking to use this website now as a sort of place to put each year’s anniversary notes/songs/sentiments. I know I like to look back at sappy notes from you, so this compilation is my things for you. I ❤️ you.

    This was my facebook post for today (12/17/2021):

      Sap: Wedding Anniversary Post – Eleven years ago, we made some sacred promises, all of which felt so obvious to me, as much then as now, because what we have is worth everything to me. Thank you, Rachael, for understanding me and loving me even after understanding me. Thank you for letting me love you too. Loving you is my favorite thing. And I love our dreams about the future, dreaming about places we might go, things we might do. I’m pretty sure we’ll do many of those things, and I look forward to all of that. But I also love our present, our time right now and the things we accomplish together. My life often feels like a dream, and that’s because of our relationship. May we always support each other’s best. ❤️

      This website does not have a new song this year. It’s just a repository, so you don’t lose the sappy songs I’ve sung to you in previous years.

      Happy Anniversary, my love.

      Bonus Sap: And thank YOU all, friends, for sharing the happy with us. It means so much to me when you tell me that our relationship gives you hope, or in some way elevates your spirit. I share things for different reasons, as you know, and that is absolutely the intent of why I share our love story, because of all the conversations I’ve had over the years with folks who’ve said that what we have has meant something to them, to YOU. As much as “friends are always welcome” used to be true for our house, and I regret that we cannot offer that physical hospitality these days, we still very much offer hospitality in the broader sense. You are welcome in our lives. Come in, share the love, share the struggles. Nobody is meant to do any of this alone, and I’m so glad we get to share our life with you all. Stay a while. ❤️

  2. This was my facebook post for 12/17/2022 (also shared on Pantsuit Nation here)

    Happy anniversary! Twelve years ago, I said “I do” and “I will” and “I may” to some things, as we shared our marriage vows and I married this superstar known as Rachael. I am so very grateful for our life together. Thanks for not fleeing, early on, when in my backyard that snake crept right over your bare feet. Thanks for trusting me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for letting me love and trust you too. Thank you for accepting my extra! Thank you for sharing everything like we do. Thank you for giving me space to live unmasked and come to know the freedom of such authenticity. Rachael, thank you for always being somehow more than what I ever knew to even desire. There is regrettably (?) no sappy new song from me this year (back next year), but I’m still wicked sappy and totally in love with you.

    ID: Image is a derivation of literally the only usable blurry photo from our wedding ceremony, one that I stylized in photoshop, and it shows two happy peeps, just married, holding beautiful flowers arranged by a good friend


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