Autistic PhD Publicly Launches Today

The doors are open; the site is ready. Join us at!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I did the graphics, branding and developed the website for this new project I’m also leading, and I invite you to go explore it for a few minutes please. We are hoping to onboard at least one more expert author this summer, whose voice will contribute nicely to this resource.

If you already know! what I’m talking about, thanks for your patience. To support the project, please check it all out and share with your people. Also, if you can follow the brand new facebook and YouTube channels, that would be awesome. Every time a new article goes up, the facebook page will have a post about it. And that’s where the legit conversation is invited as well, including responses from all authors, several voices. This should be a pretty cool resource.

We have about thirty articles in draft form right now across all of our desks (not counting what is on the site already) and these drafts are going to be coming to you soon.

We do have some humble-yet-hopeful marketing plans to grow the channels. You starting them off with some likes, follows, interactions, comments, and shares will help a lot. If you want to do that.

Logo Design

This project has not much to do with Erika Sanborne Media LLC, except that I did design the logo and branding (I mean, and the entire website, through Our Future Site). But for my #graphicdesign category sorting, here is the logo for Autistic PhD, as a sample.

Autistic PhD
The infinity symbol, a modern icon of autism acceptance, is in maroon with the letters PhD inside.

Okay! Please dive in, check it out, and let us know what you think! I’m super excited about what’s coming soon for the site, and I’m psyched for you all to be here for it, and to share your experiences along the way as well. Thanks. Hearts!

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About Erika Sanborne

Erika Sanborne has been producing digital media since 2010, specializing in portraiture for people who hate it but need it, digital graphics restoration of many kinds, accessible explainers and instructional technology (corporate explainers, classroom tech), data visualizations and animation.