Data Visualization in Stata

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  1. Dear Ms. Sanborne,
    I have just discovered your very impressive pages on Stata graphics. Thank you.
    It appears I need to buy a Stata upgrade (I’m on 14.2, it wants 16 to run your stuff), but that’s not a big deal. So at this point I could install the Erika setup file but not the India data file.
    However, when I tried to follow further instructions on the page just to get started:

    //This first example uses only stock Stata. If you copy-paste this code block into
    //your do-file editor, you can run it on your system as-is.

    *load the demo data file
    use, clear

    I get what is apparently a Java runtime error [r(5100)]. I guess it’s possible that this dataset won’t load at all into Stata 14.2 (SE), but thought I would check and see if you have any insights. Thanks very much. I understand this is a free tutorial you have provided, so I am very grateful for your time and advice.

    Thanks very much.

    • Hi Mick,
      Glad you found my tutorials here. Let’s see if we can get you using my files now without paying for an upgraded Stata version (although I’m personally hoping for someone to sponsor my upgrade to v.17, but I digress).
      Older Stata versions use Java to make the website connections to *load the demo data file as you helpfully copy-pasted in your comment. So! Let’s try to help your old Stata out by working around that java issue: Download my demo1.dta file. It’s a Stata dta file, which you should be able to open in your old Stata, just (apparently) not through the internet https-java connection that I had set it up for initially.
      So download that file. Right click and save as, and download it to your computer. Then run the code from there.
      Let me know if it works, okay?


      • Thanks so much! That worked like a charm! Now I have a lot of code to study! I really appreciate this resource. I took a 15 year hiatus from Stata, so it’s great to have some excellent sources for learning, especially on the graphics side (since I have for the moment made the choice not to simultaneously take on my current project and really learning R)!

        • I’m glad it worked, Mick. I’ll make a note on the site about this for anyone else with an older version of Stata.

          Have fun with Stata,


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