Thanks, NITEP Team! Have a great year!

I enjoyed getting to know you all, and creating your cartoon portraits. I wish NITEP and each of you all the best. I like to include a little “gift” when I’m wrapping up a project. For you all, I made up a scene with your cartoon portraits set on a cartoonized background of Las Vegas.

Erika, as a cartoon
NITEP team cartoon portraits set against a cartoonized version of the Las Vegas Skyline at dusk.

Thanks for putting up with the password-protected private site and additional login. Doing that kept our working files out of the hands of the internet bots that crawl the web and pull images to live forever online. Final images can go live forever online, but nobody needs drafts and working files out there. Thanks for helping me keep our work secure.

Speaking of your privacy, once I’m 100% sure we’re all done with our files I will be deleting all of your recent uploads, and your accounts, here on the website. I do not store any personal information beyond the duration of an ongoing project. You won’t be on any mailing lists or anything like that.

This is my good-bye note to you all, both to protect your privacy and to respect your inbox. You are welcome to come back any time and create a new account, and/or contact me about your graphics, imaging, or media ideas for future projects.

Cheers! Erika

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Erika Sanborne has been producing media since 2014, specializing in corporate and higher ed video explainers, portraiture, green screen videography, and other digital media productions. Her latest passion in graphics is data visualization.

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