Midterm Grade Calculator

Enter your highest two writing assignment grades from the first group.
If you only completed one of the first four writing assignments, enter a zero for the second one.

Students can estimate their discussion section midterm grade based on their attendance through week 8. (i.e. If you missed 0-1 classes only, and have good participation? Enter a grade of 9-10. For details, consult the course syllabus. With questions, ask your TA.)

Explaining the Math

As of the midpoint in the term, students have completed:
two writing assignments (each worth 8% of their course grade)
midterm exam (20% of their course grade)
discussion section (10% of their course grade so far)
This totals 46% of their course grade earned at midterm.

Students earn the remaining 54% after this point, through the latter half of the semester’s discussion section engagement, three writing assignment grades, and the final exam.

Curious Nerd Code

// The form on this page runs the following javascript function.
// It's not magic btw. This math is based on the percentages in the syllabus.
  function calculatemidGrade() {
  var numb1 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("numb1").value);
  var numb2 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("numb2").value);
  var numb3 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("numb3").value);
  var numb4 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("numb4").value);

    // Defining weights  
    var weight2 = 0.174; // this is 8% of course grade out of 46% earned to date
    var weight3 = 0.435; // this is 20% of course grade out of 46% earned to date
    var weight4 = 0.217; // this is 10% of course grade out of 46% earned to date

    // Calculating weighted mean
    var result1 = ( 
    ((numb1/10) * weight2) + 
    ((numb2/10) * weight2) + 
    ((numb3/60) * weight3) + 
    ((numb4/10) * weight4) 
    ) * 100
    result1 = result1.toFixed(2);