Professional yet affordable Celebration of Life Videos

Affordable CelebratioN of Life Videos

We understand grief and loss, and we get love. Our user-friendly website is ready for your order without any complicated back-and-forth. You pay one fee, upload your completed details form (with your photos and text), and we make your video. That’s it.

Memorial videos have become an increasingly important feature in services of remembrance, funerals, memorials, etc. They are also something to share with extended friends and family, to remember and celebrate the life of your beloved now and for years to come.

Also! You can make one of our videos for someone who is still living! Celebrate the life of someone for their 50th birthday, a happy marriage, a retirement, etc. These celebration of life videos work for these sacred transition times as well.

Celebration of Life Videos – all current options

As you watch, imagine your own music selections, photos and words in these…

Parlor Portraits Demo

“Parlor Portraits”

Parlor Portraits is elegant, vintage, runs 2 minutes 0 seconds, has place for 16 photos, a space for opening text on the wall, a closing customizable text animation, and you choose the best background audio from the full library at, whatever fits your beloved’s style.

Movie Memories Demo

“Movie Memories”

Movie Memories is broadly-appealing and would work well for most people. It runs 1 minute 20 seconds, has frames for 12 photos, and every photo has space for a brief text caption. You choose the best audio from the full library at, whatever fits your beloved’s style.

Piano Pause Demo

“Piano Pause”

Piano Pause is almost celestial, with soft lighting and framing for 29 photos in a peaceful scene. It runs 2 minutes 11 seconds, and has customizable intro and outro text. Like all videos, this works for both people and pets, and it’s a good choice is you want to show many photos without text. The current demo video shows a pet only because that can be harder to envision. You choose the best background audio from the full library at, whatever fits your beloved’s style.

Family Scrapbook Demo

“Family Scrapbook”

Family Scrapbook runs 1 minute 30 seconds, has framing for 24 photos and a brief text caption for every photo. This is a beautiful animation of a person turning the pages of your real scrapbook. Please note limitations: the hands are as shown, female-appearing, young-appearing, and light-skinned, and this cannot be changed. Also, you cannot edit the ornamental decorations in the scrapbook. What you edit is the photos, text, and music, which you choose from the full library at

Beach Day Demo

“Beach Day”

Beach Day is my personal favorite, as the beach is sacred ground to my wife and me. Note that the demo video depicts a middle-aged celebration of life, but as with all of our options this too would work well for many uses and points in time when celebrating life makes sense (funeral, birthday, anniversary, etc.) The video runs 2 minutes 22 seconds. There is space for 20 photos, and 20 subtitles. You also have space for brief intro and outro text, and you choose the music from the full library available at, based on whatever fits your beloved’s style.

Studio Life Screenshot

“Studio Life” new

Studio Life is for the creative person, because the whole video is set inside an artist’s studio. This would also work as either a memorial video or a milestone celebration video. You set the mood with your choice of music from the full library available at Whether for a memorial, or a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or other milestone, there are many good reasons to create a Celebration of Life video and this option may be perfect for your needs. The video runs 2 minutes 7 seconds. There is space for 27 photos, and no customized text except for the closing text at the end.

Meet Erika Sanborne

Any of these Celebration of Life videos can be customized for your beloved person or pet.

IF your loved one has died, and you cannot afford our FEE? Talk to us. Everyone deserves a celebration of life video. we will try to make a beautiful memorial video possible for everyone.

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  • Celebration of Life Video License

    One time payment

    This is payment-in-full for any one Celebration of Life video we offer.

celebration of life video

Want all the steps spelled out? No problem.

1. Choose the video option you want to customize and make your own. Imagine your beloved in the photos, and your chosen music in the background.

2. Register on our site and pay $250. You can do this by clicking the blue Sign Up button in the payment banner. If you already have a user name and password for our site, Login and that blue button will then say Pay Now for you to do so.

3. Complete your Details Form, which entails the following tasks:

a. photos – you upload them to us. Note: If you do not have digital photos, that’s fine. Modern smart phones can take excellent pictures of your old photos. Upload to us those full resolution pics from your phone into your Details Form.

b. text – you let us know what to put wherever there is customizable text, and

c. music – you choose your own background music from the full library available on, which we will then license for you.

  • Celebration of Life Video License

    One time payment

    This is payment-in-full for any one Celebration of Life video we offer.

4. Give us about 3-5 days from the time you have submitted your completed Details Form to create your video production. We will email you a link to approve any revisions if there are problems with what you have uploaded, or we will let you know that what you submitted is good and we are working on your project. You will then receive a link to your personalized video on our YouTube channel, and a link to your personalized video on our facebook page.

You can share your video by sharing either of those links, and you will receive a link to download the entire MP4 file for yourself if you so desire. Copyright remains with Erika Sanborne Media, as is industry standard, and your purchase is for a license for personal use, saving, and sharing online and in memorial, funeral, and/or celebration of life services.

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Register on our site. Pay $250. Choose the video option you want to customize. Complete your details form. We will take it from there.